Biomarkers for Mental Disorders

Today the diagnosis of most psychiatric disorders is based mainly on clinical examination. As in other fields of medicine, the identification of biological markers can provide a more objective access to diagnosis and it can help to confirm the clinical diagnosis. Biological markers may also allow to track disease progression and treatment success in an objective manner.

We therefore have a close cooperation with international research groups of the Cambridge Center for Neuropsychiatric Research CCNR der University of Cambridge (Head: Prof. Dr. Sabine Bahn, MD PhD) and the Schizophrenia Center and Program in Molecular Psychiatry – Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA (Director: Prof. Akira Sawa, MD PhD) to identify some biomarker profiles for psychiatric disorders. We were able to detect two first biomarkerprofiles in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of patients with first-episode schizophrenic psychosis. These profiles are considered to be promising candidates for the development of generally available diagnostic tests.

Founded by the European Commission, we were able to continue our work as part of a European research project Mit Unterstützung der EU Kommission konnten wir in einem europäischen Forschungsprojekt (SchizDX).

We are currently continuing our biomarker research in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University.

Funding: This research was funded by the Stanley Medical Research Institute of teh Theodore and Vada Stanley Foundation, USA (Grant IDs 01-315 and 03-NV-003 to FML) and European Commission (SchizDX EU FP7 HEALTH-F4-2009-223427).


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