Current clinical trial

Experimental Research

Our experimental research approach aligns itself at the interface between preclinical research and clinical development. It does so in terms of a translational access into research concerned with sources of mental disorders. There is a particular focus on schizophrenic and affective diseases.

Thereby the conversion of animal models to the application in humans is focused. Included are laboratory methods that open up new avenues in the diagnosis, but also attempts to explain why certain diseases develop under certain conditions. For this reason interdisciplinary teams from the preclinic and clinic work closely together.


Clinical Studies and Trials

Our clinical research approaches try to investigate the experimental findings with regard to their clinical applicability and effectivness.

Apart from new diagnostic approaches for psychiatric diseases and their evaluation in clinical routine, we are focused on the development of new therapeutic approaches to psychiatric diseases.

Included are psychopharmacaotherapeutical approaches to treat psychoses of the schizophrenia spectrum, affective diseases and substance use disorders.

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